Jennifer McQuarrie

Education Law and Policy Specialist

Eric Premack Jennifer McQuarrie is working with CSDC, while simultaneously operating her own law practice in Northern California. She specializes in charter school representation and employment litigation. Ms. McQuarrie has been practicing law for 16 years.

Prior to opening her own practice where she represents charter schools throughout the state, she was the Legal Counsel for the Charter Schools Development Center (CSDC) and Legislative Advocate for CharterVoice, CSDC's sister organization. She began consulting for CSDC in January 2004, working as its on-site consultant in Doha, Qatar assisting with Qatar’s K-12 education reform initiative. After Ms. McQuarrie’s return to the United States, she focused primarily on providing a wide range of advice to CSDC on school policies, personnel and student issues, including those relating to governing board policies, conflicts of interest, student discipline, employment related matters, Brown Act compliance and other various school related matters. Ms. McQuarrie continues to advise charter schools in a wide variety of contexts.

Prior to joining CSDC, Ms. McQuarrie spent a year as General Counsel for St. HOPE Public Schools and St. HOPE Corporation, which opened Sacramento High School as a charter school in 2003. Before joining the charter movement, Ms. McQuarrie practiced law in several international law firms as a corporate litigator focusing on employment disputes, lender liability, unfair competition, securities fraud and other business disputes.

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