Eric Premack

Executive Director & Founder

Eric PremackEric Premack is the founding Director of CSDC. For over 20 years, Premack has played a leading role in the development and spread of chartered schools, including helping to draft and implement chartered schools policy in over 25 states, at the federal level, and overseas. He has developed groundbreaking charter school policy, planning, implementation, oversight, and leadership development practices that have been emulated throughout the US and internationally.

Premack was a cofounder of the Charter Friends National Network, a founding board member of the California Network of Educational Charters (CANEC), serves on the Advisory Board to the National Charter School Resource Center, served on the California State Superintendent’s Charter School Advisory Committee, serves as vice chair of the board of Civicorps Schools and served as vice chair of the board of St. HOPE Public Schools. He has twice received the Hart Vision Award for outstanding service to California’s chartered schools and the California Charter Schools Association’s Legacy Award for 20 years of outstanding service to California charter schools. Prior to founding CSDC, Premack provided consulting services for dozens of California school districts at School Services of California, Inc. and previously worked in California’s non-partisan Office of the Legislative Analyst where he advised the Legislature on major K-12 education fiscal policy matters. B.A., M.A. in Public Policy, University of Chicago.

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