Eric Premack

Executive Director & Founder


Eric Premack is the founding Director of CSDC. For over 20 years, Premack has played a leading role in the development and spread of chartered schools, including helping to draft and implement chartered schools policy in over 25 states, at the federal level, and overseas. He has developed groundbreaking charter school policy, planning, implementation, oversight ... Read more

Stephanie Schwuchow

Director of Operations

Stephanie Schwuchow is the Director of Operations at the Charter Schools Development Center (CSDC) and has been involved in the charter school movement for over 15 years. Stephanie oversees all finance and operations, and leads the planning and execution of CSDC’s school leadership trainings, client services, and organizational strategy. Stephanie has written key grants that played a critical role in CSDC’s organizational development, and served as a lead grant-writer for our charter school clients. Additionally, Stephanie spearheaded CSDC’s first ... Read more

Jennifer McQuarrie

Education Law and Policy Specialist


Jennifer McQuarrie is working with CSDC, while simultaneously operating her own law practice in Northern California. She specializes in charter school representation and employment litigation. Ms. McQuarrie has been practicing law for 16 years. Prior to opening her own practice where she represents charter schools throughout the state, she was the Legal Counsel for ... Read more

Beryl Nelson

Accountability Services Manager


At CSDC, Ms. Nelson is an Accountability Services Manager working with charter schools and their granting agencies on issues of accountability, particularly in the areas of educational programs, governance and operations. She has worked on a number of School Quality Reviews as part of CSDC teams including ... Read more

Susanne Coie

Development Services Manager


Susanne Coie is the Development Services Manager at the Charter Schools Development Center (CSDC). Coie is CSDC's point person for resources to new charter school developers. She assists with charter petition reviews; financial plan development; charter schools law, regulation and best practices; grant reviews; governing board development; and more. Her expertise includes education program, budgeting, and ... Read more

Greg Hall

Marketing & Communications Manager


A keen interest in education, technology, and digital media, Greg manages CSDC's digital and print communications, as well as supports CSDC with its online and blended learning efforts. Prior to CSDC, Greg served as a student data and assessment analyst for the School for Integrated Academics and Technologies ... Read more

Anna Shchur

Business Manager

Anna Shchur is CSDC’s Business Manager. She previously worked as a Staff Accountant at Health Resources Inc. as well as a Tax Preparer in Evansville, Indiana. Anna received her B.S. in Accounting from ... Read more

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