How We're Different

We're the Go-To Experts

Formed over two decades ago, we helped write California's first charter school laws in 1992 and have been hard at work ever since.

We offer expertise in all aspects of charter operations, including charter finance, policy, governance, and more.

We're Sustainable

While we receive the occasional grant to launch a new program or service, the vast majority of our annual budget is derived not from donors and philanthropic sources but instead from our large base of dues-paying CSDC Member schools.

This gives us a degree of freedom and independence unparalleled in the charter world. We exist to support charter schools and the students they serve--not outside interests and agendas.

We Believe in ...

  • innovative educational models of all types and configurations.
  • high-quality charter schools--and understand that the definition of which must not hinge solely upon standardized test scores.

We Fight Against ...

  • regulatory creep that distracts charter leaders from improving student achievement.
  • disparities in charter funding, including the expansion of state aid cash deferalls.

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